[Album] 大河ドラマ 鎌倉殿の13人 オリジナル・サウンドトラック Vol.2 / Taiga Drama Kamakura dono no 13-nin Original Soundtrack Vol.2 (2022.07.06/MP3/RAR)


01 The Power Game
02 And Thus War Begins
03 Fortune Favors the Vigilant
04 Koshirō the Dependable
05 Beneath the Same Blue Sky
06 An Oath Bound by Blood
07 Outfoxed
08 Strange Fellows
09 Samurai and Toothpicks
10 Secrets of the Imperials
11 Futility, Life, and Death
12 Echoes of a Rebellion
13 Surrounded and Outnumbered
14 The Emperor’s Word
15 Death Looms on the Horizon
16 The World on His Shoulders
17 Those Who Defy Providence
18 The Lord of Kamakura
19 God of War
20 Master of Diversion
21 Strategic Genius
22 Total Eclipse
23 A Dish Best Served Cold
24 For You, Forever
25 Deeper Than the Sea, Higher Than the Mountains
26 Women of the Bandō
27 Death Comes to All
28 Shadows All Around
29 A Blade at My Throat
30 The Crossroads of Fate
31 Care for the Living, Grieve for the Dead
32 As the Rain Falls on Kamakura
33 The Freezing Embrace of Winter
34 The 13 Lords of the Shogun – Travel Journal 2 feat. Francesco Tristano

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